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Western Load Research Association
Spring 2003 Meeting & Conference
Apr 2-4, 2003
Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Public Service is proud to host the Spring 2003 Western Load Research Association meeting and conference in beautiful and sunny Phoenix, Arizona, April 2-4, 2003.


Presentations at the conference will capture the theme that load research is a great tool for dealing with the challenges of the modern electric utility industry and especially with restructuring, "re-regulation," and the recent “back-to-basics” trend.  Papers and discussions will focus on combining innovative new technologies with the traditional principles of statistical analysis.


WLRA would like to continue to expand utility involvement. Special priority consideration will be given to utilities wishing to make presentations on these topics. Presentations need not be extravagant and the presentation can be as short as fifteen (15) minutes.


WRLA will accept papers on any subject related to load research, including the role of load research in electricity procurement, least-cost sampling, new metering, end-use research, integrated resource planning, program evaluation, and marketing support. WLRA also encourages the participation by any and all people involved in load research or related fields. In order for the members to stay current on load research, presentations should involve current projects, even if the final results are not compiled. Useful applications are especially encouraged.


The continued success of the Western Load Research Conference depends on participation from utility members. It is for this reason that utility presentations are particularly encouraged, but utility-vendor partnership presentations are also welcomed.


Hyatt Regency Phoenix at Civic Plaza (Downtown)

122 North Second Street
Phoenix, AZ  85004-2379

Vendor Reception:

Load research vendors will sponsor a tabletop seminar and reception on Thursday afternoon, April 3rd. All vendors can contact Craig Williamson at Primen at (303) 385-0342, email, if you would like to participate.

Special Evening Event:

This year's special evening group event will be an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game in our private skybox with dinner and such.  Please plan attending as they play rival Los Angeles Dodgers.


Conference Host:

Jeff Burns
Arizona Public Service Company
MS 9905
P.O. Box 53999
Phoenix, AZ 85072-3999

Phone:  (602) 250-2962
Fax:  (602) 250-2873


WLRA Co-Chairs: Susan McNicoll

Craig Williamson
303-545-0100 x42